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Martin Wilsey is a writer, hunter, photographer, rabble rouser, father, friend, marksman, story teller, frightener of children, carnivore, engineer, fool, philosopher, cook and madman. He and his wife Brenda live in Virginia where, just to keep him off the streets, he works as a research scientist for a government funded think tank.
Science fiction, Martin Wilsey, Author, Oklahoma Salvage, Virtues of the Vicious, Whispers of the Apoc, The Broken Cage, Still Falling, Blood of the Scarecrow, The Black Pod, The Outer Ring, Fantastic Defenders, Reliquary, Kill Valerie Hume, Injuring Eternity: Solstice 31 Saga Short Story, Tranquility and Other Myths, Uncommon Threads, Loudoun Writers Anthology, Solstice 31: Saga Short Stories
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Science Fiction Radio

The Ventura Theater is a radio show that is focused on speculative fiction. It was born out of the twisted mind of Science Fiction author Martin Wilsey. Like he didn’t have enough to do already…


The Writers Group

Read by Martin Wilsey




We are currently accepting audio contributions. If you have a short audio story you would like to add to The Ventura Theater, please contact me!


Photography – Art – Book Covers – Podcasting – Audio Narration – Animation – Filmmaking